/ˈstɔː.ri.bɒks/ /skweəd/



Since 2015 we have enjoyed helping people tell their stories - whether it's bringing ideas to life or capturing magical moments we love showing off the crazy adventures people have. Stories are meant to be told and we take joy in everything we do, knowing that our creations allow people to share what they love. 

Feel free to look around and see some examples of what we do, and if you've got any questions just get in touch! 


Photos allow us to take a snapshot in time to remember special moments forever. We at Storybox Squared shoot lifestyle, event, product and education photography as a team all over the UK. Video is a step further - a collection of moments with never ending possibilities.

We focus on producing videos for lifestyle, events, products and corporate, and our experience thus far has seen us working for a wide range of clients, from small independent businesses, music festivals, schools and even big tech companies. This variety puts us in a perfect position to adapt our skills and services to suit each of our customers individual needs and preferences.    

Whatever story you're telling, big or small, talk to us about it to get a quote and see how we can help. 



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We're a close knit team made up of huge variety of creative people from all walks of life. From artists to engineers, mountaineers to computer wizards and of course, professional photographers - we've got it all! Allowing us to give a real "out of the box" approach when it comes to finding the best ways to tell your stories. 

Our process is simple really, you'll meet with one or more of our creative sorts and we'll chat through all your ideas to get an understanding of what it is you want. From there we'll work through all the possibilities to find the plan of action that suits you best. What follows next is the fun part - we shoot and film your story, exactly the way you want it! We then take some time to tweak and polish, making sure everything is perfect before we hand the final story over to you.